HyperLab Omni Episode 14 – Gregory Bateson, Restless Idea Pollinator or Weaponized Anthropologist?

Dare you enter the Bateson evidence dungeon?

In this episode, Chad and Jason chase psychedelic rabbits through a warren dug by Gregory Bateson, whose article “Mind and Nature” drills heady passages though verbal alchemy, entropy, sacrament, weaponized anthropology, CIA black propaganda ops, Karl Jung, Bob Dobbs, schizogenesis, cybernetics, and the epistemology of dead crabs.
Content warning: While generally a fun and trippy discussion, there is a dark reference at the end of the episode to a mass pet cemetery for some beloved farm animals (nothing nefarious, but farm life can be rough), so be forewarned.

This episode was recorded sometime last year.

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Omni magazine June 1979

Jason chaos fact addendum –
In this episode I passed on a story about noted Discordian Kerry Thornley’s girfriend working for JFK assassination investigator, Jim Garrison.
After doing some more research, I discovered that it might have been Lane Caplinger, the girlfriend of the other author of the Principia Discorida, Greg Hill who worked for JG.
Or maybe not…
This amazing post tries to unravel the crazy history of Discordianism and the connections with Lee Harvey Oswald, JFK and Jim Garrison.
I’m not sure it clarifies anything, but it’s a fun old school Illuminatus conspiracy ride.

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