Hyperlab Omni Episode 3 – Unidentified Space Panther

Ezekiel has a phantasmagorical vision of angels and spheres with eyes coasting along the thunderstruck sea. – Etching by R. Pranker after B. Picart

In this April ’79 Omni episode, Jason and Chad  sculpt a Devil’s Tower shaped mound of wonder as they explore some wild extraterrestrial artwork, sit in on a UN field trip with some high-powered believers, and share a close encounter story of shock and awe.
This means something!


Sound design and music is by Nathan Moody.  Visit nathanmoody.bandcamp.com to hear more. 
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Links to additional audio elements from Freesound.org that were used in this episode:

Omni magazine April 1979 featuring amazing cover art by Gilbert Williams

6 Replies to “Hyperlab Omni Episode 3 – Unidentified Space Panther”

  1. Love the creepy weird music.. behind the discussion . Takes me to a world of unknowns but exciting possibilities. So much to discover -uncover in our universe. I am picturing the story as you discuss it. Would make a great movie. And I identify with some of the comments -ghosts .i have my own story about this encounter. I believe there is a part of our innate being that can connect somehow with beings, i call spirits , that are beyond our human experience – untouchable ,but very real . Brilliant story / episode- waiting to hear another.

  2. I think this is my favorite one so far because I connected with Chad talking about his visitation dreams. I’ve had those and numerous experiences with ghosts while awake as well. I really look forward to hearing each new podcast. Keep up the great work, guys!

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