HyperLab Omni Episode 4 – Little Psychic Nudges

Эзотерика (Esoterics) – https://bit.ly/2YvFxbG

This episode, Jason and Chad tumble into a memetic wormhole when exploring a cryptozoological science fiction piece called “And Whether Pigs Have Wings” by Nancy Kress, and are saved by their virtual assistant.

We also feature a short clip of our upcoming interview with Brian Dowtin, who is a computer scientist working on some of the whys and hows of technology.
Brian picked an Omni interview between Bob Guccione and futurist Alvin Toffler, who wrote Future Shock.

We’ll connect a lot of dots between Brian’s work and this prescient voice of future past as we take a nostalgic Big Trak journey into the collective hallucination we call childhood.

Sound design and music is by Nathan Moody.  Visit nathanmoody.bandcamp.com to hear more. 

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