HyperLab Omni Episode 2 – Myna Birds Are Go!

Deep Dream Variation on Koryusai’s Myna

In this episode, Jason and Chad talk about a passel of topics that spring from the January 1979 issue of Omni, and Jason tells tales of unidentified mysteries.

Sound design and music is by Nathan Moody.  Visit nathanmoody.bandcamp.com to hear more. 
Omni magazine is a trademark of Penthouse Global Media. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Some audio elements in this episode are under a Creative Commons Attribution license.
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Omni cover art by
De Es Schwertberger
Amazing interior art by Robert Venosa for Nancy Kress story “And Whether Pigs Have Wings” by

2 Replies to “HyperLab Omni Episode 2 – Myna Birds Are Go!”

  1. Loved this so much. Thank you for discussing the art. I googled the artists and images the whole way through. Looking forward to the net one.

    1. Glad you loved it.
      Art is such an important part of this magazine and its great to have real artists appreciate it.
      Now we just have to get better at describing the art.
      I never realized how hard doing audio descriptions of art can be.

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