HyperLab Omni Episode 18 – Bibliomancing the Stone

Take the green pixelated pill

This episode, Jason and Chad put on their Hyperlab Coats ™ and concoct their own indeterminacy recipe loosely based on John Cage’s experimental work, Roaratorio, an Irish circus on Finnegans Wake.

A suggested title of our piece: Bibliomantis, a Dub Circus on Beowulf.

This is a weird ride. Hope you all enjoy, and please send us your sound experiments if you want to play along.

Sound files from Freesound used in this episode include:

G: “General”: Caida(General).wav by Viliguis | License: Creative Commons 0

R: “Reproach”: Reproach yell by joseppujol | License: Creative Commons 0

E: “Enhearten”: Heartbeat, Regular, Single, 01-01, LOOP.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution

N: “Nightlong”: night_long01.flac by Aiyumi | License: Attribution

D: “Determined”: birdance.WAV by NoiseCollector | License: Attribution

E: “Earth”: HellCenterOfTheEarth.wav by tc630 | License: Creative Commons 0

L: “Lord”: Dirty Dubstep Drumloop (127BPM) by Freakshitor669 | License: Creative Commons 0

HyperLab Omni Episode 17 – John Cage and Quadraphonic Misophonia

John Cage

Strap on your ear goggles and follow along as the crew of HLO explores the minimalist soundscapes of John Cage.  Chad and Jason ponder the challenges and joys of experimental music and avante-garde art as well as learning Chad’s hard rules for eating snacks in the theatre (Hint – DON’T!) and Jason’s simple wish for a magical algorithmic soundscape generator.

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