HyperLab Omni Episode 18 – Bibliomancing the Stone

Take the green pixelated pill

This episode, Jason and Chad put on their Hyperlab Coats ™ and concoct their own indeterminacy recipe loosely based on John Cage’s experimental work, Roaratorio, an Irish circus on Finnegans Wake.

A suggested title of our piece: Bibliomantis, a Dub Circus on Beowulf.

This is a weird ride. Hope you all enjoy, and please send us your sound experiments if you want to play along.

Sound files from Freesound used in this episode include:

G: “General”: Caida(General).wav by Viliguis | License: Creative Commons 0

R: “Reproach”: Reproach yell by joseppujol | License: Creative Commons 0

E: “Enhearten”: Heartbeat, Regular, Single, 01-01, LOOP.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution

N: “Nightlong”: night_long01.flac by Aiyumi | License: Attribution

D: “Determined”: birdance.WAV by NoiseCollector | License: Attribution

E: “Earth”: HellCenterOfTheEarth.wav by tc630 | License: Creative Commons 0

L: “Lord”: Dirty Dubstep Drumloop (127BPM) by Freakshitor669 | License: Creative Commons 0